Best Exercise Bike By Price

Prices of Exercise Bikes

Under $200

There aren’t that many exercise bikes under $ 200 but something can still be found if you are willing to skip the bells and whistles and only go for the most basic equipment. However, there are many mini exercise bikes for even less that are great if you are looking to simply pedal away. Here is an overview of some bikes that you can get in this price range.

Under $500​

In this price range you have a bit more choice, as there are even some basic models of recumbent exercise bikes available from reputed manufacturers. Keep in mind that the models will be basic, however, they will get the work done, and are built to last. Take a look at our top picks.

Under $1000​

Here you have plenty of choices. This is a mid-range in terms of quality and support you get from the manufacturers. These exercise bikes usually come with some additional equipment, such as heart rate monitors and calorie calculators. You might even be so lucky to snag a limited manufacturer’s warranty. We bring you our top picks for this category.

Under $2000​

These bikes offer you a long-term peace of mind, as they usually come with a full warranty. These are professional-grade bikes that you will find in gyms and fitness centers. These are geared toward heavy duty users who know what they want and how to get it. Check out our selected picks below.

Under $4000​

This is where the real quality is. Best indoor exercise bikes that money can buy come with plenty of additional equipment, extended warranty and last a lifetime. These bikes are a smart long term investment for those who think that money is not of concern and want the absolute best! Take a look at our top picks for this category.​