Velocity CHB-U2101 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Here we have a Velocity exercise bike, a CHB-U2101 model that is best suited for home use due to its several limitations, such as a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The company has been in the business for almost 30 years, and they are very confident in saying that they know what the customers want and need. So let us put their claims to test and see just what this little exercise bike offers to its users.

Features of the Velocity CHB-U2101

Velocity CHB-U2101

This bike aims to be the best seller in the low-cost, high-gain exercise equipment niche, and we must say that it is doing a fine job of it. It features all the essentials, but if you are looking for bells and whistles look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable exercise bike to add to your home gym collection this might just be the model for you!​

  • Flywheel – The heavy flywheel on this bike is responsible for sweating it out! It is weighted and can go both ways, which means you can pedal forwards and backwards. This is a great thing as it allows you to work out different muscle groups!
  • LCD console – Small LCD display enables you to monitor how your workouts are going. Here you can check out the calories you have burnt, the distance you covered and your average speed. This will, in turn, help you plan your exercise routines and allow you to stay on track!
  • Durable and sturdy – The frame of the bike is made from cast steel, very durable and dependable. The frame will not bend nor break even after years of use, and oversized stabilizers on the bottom guarantee that the bike will remain stable, and not tip over during use.
  • Resistance control – The knob at the front of the frame will allow you to choose between 8 different settings or levels of resistance. This is excellent for beginners as it gives them a chance to go through the motions, building up stamina, before advancing to level 8.

Advantages of the Velocity CHB-U2101

  • Small footprint – This is a fairly compact and small exercise bike. This means that you can fit it anywhere in your apartment or your office. Thanks to its original design, it takes up a very small amount of space and is not as bulky as some other models.
  • Adjustable – You can adjust the seat height and pedal straps on this model to suit your needs. This means that the bike can be used by more than one person! The great thing is that the seat goes rather low so it is ideal for shorter individuals!
  • Built-in wheels – To make it, even more, user-friendly the manufacturer has added wheels to the base of the bike. Moving it around will be easy and uncomplicated!

With everything said and done, we do have to note that several customers have pointed out that the bike indeed has some faults, although not major ones, and certainly not anything that would be a deal breaker. Be prepared to spend a bit of time while putting it together, and make sure that the knob is at resistance level 1 before connecting the tension cables. The seat is somewhat uncomfortable for some, and they advise getting a cushion seat cover. That small investment is sure to turn this exercise bike into a five-star product!

Bottom Line​

If you need a quality exercise bike to help you stay in shape and lose that extra weight you gained during the holidays then this is your bike! Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is affordable and efficient, and will be a welcome addition to every home gym!​