Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn is a big name in outdoor bikes, so it is only reasonable for them to start manufacturing indoor exercise bikes as well. This particular model is very robust and sturdy, made from high-quality materials that guarantee bike’s longevity. It is not very large either, and it measures about 41 by 22.5 by 13 inches and weighs a bit less than 72 pounds. Considering its specs and the price, we believe it would be an excellent addition to every home gym!

Features of the Schwinn 170

Schwinn 170

This bike has a lot going for it, from its black matte finish to its sleek lines that make it extremely visually appealing. A vast number of exercise programs and resistance levels make it a fitness monster whose only purpose is to help you get into shape and lose weight! The bike is loaded with features and even has a USB port that you can use for charging your phone and exchanging data. Built-in fan is great for keeping cool during workouts.

  • 25 resistance levels – A great thing about Schwinn bikes is that they are designed for professional use, but also keep the average Joe in mind. The 25-level adjustable resistance allows you to start off slow and cranks the volume up as you see fit. Beginners should linger in the 10-level resistance area to build up stamina before moving up to those higher level workouts.
  • Quality materials – The materials used in the making of this exercise bike are all top grade quality, certified materials, and you have Schwinn to back that up. No more busted parts or bent frames! Simply sit back, pedal away, and enjoy!
  • Large display – The large LCD display is backlit for your convenience, so it is easy to monitor your progress even if the lighting in the room is not the best. Here you will be able to keep an eye on your programs, change resistance, and keep track of your heart rate and distance.
  • Adjustable – One of the great features of this bike is also its customizability. Not only can the programs be adjusted, you can also tweak handle bars and the seat to your liking!

Advantages of the Schwinn 170

  • Warranties – There are several manufacturer warranties at play here. When buying this bike, you can rest assured that the company has your back. You will get a 10-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on mechanical issues that might crop up, 1 year for the electronics, and a 90-day warranty on labor.
  • Can be used standing up – Unlike many other upright exercise bikes, you can use this Schwinn model standing up. On higher settings you might even have to. Don’t worry about the pedals and the frames. They were designed with this in mind, so they will not bend or break because of it. The wear and tear are similar to that of an outdoor bike, and with proper care this machine will last a long time!
  • Speakers – The bike has built-in speakers for your convenience. Simply plug in your device, select a track, and get ready for hours of great exercise accompanied by your favorite tracks!

Not everything is super great about this exercise machine. Some users report that the seat is too cumbersome and large, saying that is difficult to get settled into it at the beginning. Also, tools are required when making adjustments to the seat, which some users find off-putting. That said, every buyer is quick to point out that these minor drawbacks are by no means deal breakers!

Bottom Line​

If you need a reliable, top-performing exercise bike, then look no further! Schwinn 170 Upright Bike is an excellent choice for people determined to enjoy quality workouts on a regular basis. The price might be a bit steep, but considering everything this bike delivers, it is surely not a determining factor!​