Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Review

This upright exercise bike from Merax positioned itself on the affordable end of the spectrum. The bike is that 100 – 150 dollar bracket and it is intended for beginners that are just starting to equip their home gym. It features a reasonable amount of bells and whistles, certainly more than we anticipated from a bike in this price range. So let us take a look at what Merax exercise bike offers you, and see if maybe this is the right fit for you!

Features of the Merax Magnetic

Merax Magnetic

The bike is made of quality, sturdy materials, and the steel frame is definitely built to last. It is a small bike that does not take up too much space and you can easily store it anywhere in your apartment or office. Thanks to its small footprint it will easily fit in the corner, and if you have a larger closet you can definitely store it inside, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Sturdy and durable materials – The hard, sturdy steel used in the manufacturing of this bike is a guarantee that the frame will handle whatever you throw in its way. Make sure not to pedal standing up, however. The bike was not designed for that so you can end up damaging it. Plus, it really isn’t that much comfortable.
  • Magnetic resistance – Magnetic resistance enables a smooth and hitch-free change of resistance. It also eliminates jerks and pedals falling through so you will no longer experience that jerking knee motion we’ve all became accustomed to at the gym.
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars – The seat and the handlebars are amply cushioned and offer great support to you backside and hands. You won’t feel tired even if you extend your workout up to an hour, and the best thing is that you will no longer chafe and itch thanks to the plump cushioning protecting you.

Advantages of the Merax Magnetic

  • Warranty – This product comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty for the frame is 1 year, and it also has a warranty on parts that is 90 days. While it is not the best or the most inclusive warranty in the world it still gives you something to fall back on if anything goes wrong.
  • Quiet – Thanks to the magnetic resistance system, this bike is quite as a mouse! You can prop it in front of your TV and watch your favorite show while exercising without the noise of the bike being a nuisance.
  • Compact size – This bike is well designed and helps you save space. Thanks to its minimal footprint it can be set up relatively easy, and it also has front wheels so transporting it will not be a problem.

Several buyers have pointed out that the bike might be small for people over 5’8’’. While the seat can be adjusted it does not pull out quite that much. People over 5’8’’ might want to think about buying a different model so as not to experience issues with this one if it turns out it really can’t accommodate that height.

Bottom Line​

Merax Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is one of those affordable products that will definitely enrich your home gym without putting a dent in your wallet. If you are just starting out with indoor biking give this bike a shot. It has everything you will need and you will not be disappointed, we guarantee it.​