About Us

Welcome and thank you for checking out who we are and what we do! Here at Indoor Biker we strive to provide accurate and to-the-point information about indoor exercise bikes! We appreciate how difficult it can be at times to make up your mind about a product that can potentially change the course of your life. Make no mistake, exercise bikes do just that! They provide you with convenient means to make an effort and put in time to better your health, and your physical condition!

​Choices are vast and numerous and you want to make sure that you choose an exercise bike that you will use, and not just leave sitting aside because it is not what you expected it to be! This is where we come in!

Who Are We​

Only the smartest and the brightest gather here behind Indoor Biker in hopes of helping you make a smart purchasing decision when it comes to buying an exercise bike! Our team consists of fitness trainers, cross-country cyclers and exercise equipment engineers so we are able to cover all areas of concern when it comes to exercise bikes!

Our experts run multiple tests on indoor exercise bikes to verify the manufacturer’s claims. Those claims are numerous and sometimes misleading so we are here to help you wade through the clutter of unsubstantiated hype, and get to the information that is pertinent and relevant!

These tests consist of resistance test, where our fitness experts assess how good any machine is in doing what the manufacturer claims. Manly here we test for calorie loss, muscle buildup and such. Some machines help you get into shape but do little else in terms are lifting your overall muscle mass. It is important to know what kind of bike setup helps you do what. Our engineers test how the machines are made, whether they are flimsy, cardboard replicas, or are they a genuine thing! Structure, stability and safety test feature extensively here so we can tell you are you buying a quality, durable product.

What Do We Do

After running tests on the machines our team gathers to score and rate them, and we provide you with a brief description of our top picks! All our reviews are impartial and reliable, as we have no interest in favoring one manufacturer over the other. We are not sponsored by any company so keep in mind that reviews written are an honest opinion of a team of professionals that have worked on them.

Our goal here is to help you make an informed decision when purchasing an exercise bike and to guide you through the process of selection a bike that best fits your individual needs!

We guarantee that you can have full confidence in our services and our reviews and we encourage you to drop us a line at hello [at] indoorbiker [dot] com if you have any questions or suggestions for us! We would be delighted to hear from you!​